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Beschreibung: Fachzeitschrift rund ums Pflegekind und Adoptivkind

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  • Adoption Today

Link: http://www.adoptinfo.net/

Beschreibung:  Adoption Today Magazine is a valuable resource for parents or prospective parents, including domestic or international adoptive families or foster families. This unusual magazine makes a great gift for those adopting a baby or child, and it's enriching and informative articles address parenting, health, legal, personal, cultural issues and more!


  • Adoptive Families

Link: http://www.adoptivefamilies.com/

Beschreibung: Adoptive Families Magazine is the nation's leading adoption magazine, and features reliable, independent, practical information on how to adopt and raise healthy, happy children. A four time Parent's Choice award winner, each issue of Adoptive Families is a critical resource that will delight, inform, entertain and challenge. Written by real parents with real kids, every issue is packed with real-life stories and real-life advice to help you stay informed about current adoption news and trends, learn from others and make the most of your precious child-rearing years.